Some information about our nice region South Transdanubia

Of course you are interested in the region where you intend to buy or rent a house. Our offer encloses the region of Lake Balaton up to the Mecsek mountains, Pécs, Orfü and Magyarhertelend. Our region has many forests, hilly landscapes and lakes. You will have various possibilities to spend your free time in the heart of nature: hunting, fishing, wandering, riding, swimming. Our region is extremely rich also in thermal baths with medicinal water. The varied nature and the smaller villages attracts adults as well as children.

Country of Somogy, Tolna, Baranya

In these counties perhaps the most beautiful forests and lakes of Hungary can be found. For all those who like to take a walk, go fishing, horseback riding, biking, swimming, hunting or would like to do something for their health and wellness this area is worth a visit.

Following we would like to give you some ideas what to do:


The history of the village goes back to the times of the old Roman. The inhabitants were Hungarians and Germans. The hills and forests offer a lot of free space for resting and relaxing. Only 5 kms away from Magyarhertelend there is the little village of Abaliget. In Abaliget you can visit a stalactite cave, a famous place for the cure of the breath organs. The temperature of the water lies between 38 °C and 63 °C and is cooled naturally.

The water cures defects of the nervous system, rheumatism diseases, blood pressure complaints and the joints. As a mineral cure it also contributes to the cure of the teeth.

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Orfü is situated in the back of the Mecsek Mountains in a distance of 16 km from Pécs. With its living- and relaxing zones, lakes, forests and well kept parks it offers a lot of space for guests coming in the summer season. People looking for relaxation and fans of water sports will find perfect conditions on the three lakes of the valley for bathing, sailing, surfing, going by boat or kajak, and fishing. All motorpowered engines like e.e. motor boats etc. are not allowed.

Relaxation and calmness, the a.m. recreation possibilities and sightseeing by car or bycicle or just walking or on a horses back mean a total disconnection from the stress of your daily life.

Dombóvár - Gunaras

The thermal water supports cure of arthritis and the physical movement. As a mineral cure it is used for curing of stomach intestine-bile diseases.

The patients of the hospital can take up the physio hydro therapeutic treatment in the department of the bath. Besides thermal water Bath Gunaras offers various possibilities for you and for your children to enjoy your time, to relax and to have a fun: swimming pool, little lake with mallards and boating, fun baths.

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This thermal bath is situated in a distance of about 34 km north from Dombóvár. The medicinal water of Tamási has a temperature of 35°C – 38°C.

Spa treatment: Follow up treatment of patients with locomotor’s diseases and gynecological complaints. Drinking cure: Protection of the teeth’s health.


Mysterious Roman burial chambers, Turkish dome mosques and a slim minaret, a synagogue, artistic Zsolnay ceramics, great Csontváry paintings, decorative Vasarely pattern, early blossoming almond trees, pleasant bars and cafés – all this is Pécs, a 2000 years old city with mediterranean atmosphere in the southern spurs of the Mecsek mountains. The way to the panoramic summit of the 525 m high Misina mountain leads through beautiful historic houses.

After having walked the narked tour through the Mecsek parkforest you may try the famous grape juice of that region.

The basilika at the dome place counts as the highest valued proof of medieval art in Hungary. The lower church with five naves with sculptures and frescoes of famous Hungarian masters can be visited. In the side chapels you see vestry expensive art treasures and frescoes of Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz.


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For 100 years, it is the holiday town of returning families. In the heart of the south bank of our city receives on furlough families for 100 years. On our free beaches the children have the opportunity to bathe, swim, the water is not so deep and for that reason it also warms up fast. We can organize varied programs annually.


The town of grapes and wines. This city is one of the most beautiful and important cities of the region, it is also center of tourism. Szent István square with pedestrian zones carry in large measure to the mood of the city. Thanks to the climate of the wine is also very popular.

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The city of pleasant recreation. This city was inhabited by the Celts, but the Romans and the Turks have left their mark behind.


The island of tranquility. 7.5 km of the area is a nature reserve. 7 beaches for tourists are available here.


This was our small report about the region in which we are active.

If you intend to buy a house in the nearer future, please allow us to help.

For further information, please contact us! Discover the beauty of our region!


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